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What health benefits can professional carpet cleaning offer?

Most homeowners vacuum their carpets on a regular basis, but for many, the job is simply one part of their household chores list. They don’t consider one of the key reasons why carpets must be cared for properly.

While increasing the longevity of a floor covering and enhancing the overall aesthetics of rooms about our homes, carpet cleaning also plays an important role in improving our health. Although routine vacuuming can help carpets stay looking great and even extend their service life, professional cleaning carried out on your covering can offer several health benefits.

In the next sections, we’ll explore these advantages that can be enjoyed when professionals take on the task of caring for your carpeting with a comprehensive clean.

Eradicating dust mite colonies

While invisible to our human eyes, dust mites are active and exist within the deep fibres of home carpeting. Both the faeces and segmented body pieces of these microscopic creatures are in fact allergens capable of causing householders to suffer from a wide range irritating allergies if they are not removed. Professional steam cleaning of carpets will kill off dust mites that are typically embedded within carpets by blasting them with extreme temperatures, and is a proven method of entirely removing their presence from the rooms of homes.

Extracting trapped pollutants

Numerous pollutants can become trapped over time in your carpeting. Along with insect allergens, particles of skin and hair shed by animals (commonly called pet dander), everyday dirt and dust, and even traces of harmful chemicals like lead can be found in carpets. Normal activities, including cleaning tasks like vacuuming or simply walking over a carpet, can release unpleasant toxic gases into the air and contaminate the living spaces of properties. These unwanted toxic gases will enter homeowner’s bodies, leading them to experience deteriorating health. With access to off-the-shelf specialised products, professional carpet cleaners employ expertly formulated shampoos that can remove any pollutants trapped in carpeting, no matter how deeply they are stored.

Preventing the growth of mould

A common problem encountered in properties that experience higher humidity levels, water left standing can soak beneath the surface of carpeting, seeping deep within its fibres. This unfortunate scenario can encourage mould to grow unseen by the naked eye. The potential risks to homeowner’s health when this occurs can be severe and may lead to serious respiratory issues.

Unlike wet home cleaning options such as shampoo that can leave behind unwanted moisture, professional cleaners use specially designed equipment, products and methods that result in far quicker drying times, ensuring members of your household are never threatened by mould growth. The added benefit is that the quick drying times offered by professional cleaners mean that by the time they are leaving your home, your carpets are usually ready for you to use.

As you can see, there are multiple health benefits to letting the professional give your carpets a deep clean. Consider enlisting their assistance at least once a year for a healthier living environment.

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