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What factors affect how long wood floors last?

Solid wood floors are a sought-after flooring choice for many reasons. Their elegant appearance and natural warmth can make houses feel more homely, and churches and halls can look more impressive. Another property that ensures wooden floors remain popular is their ability to endure – they’re often able to last a lifetime.

While it’s true that hardwood floors have exceptional longevity, just how long they last will be impacted by several different factors. From the installer chosen and how the floors are cared for to what is used to clean them and how they’re used, here, we’ll take a closer look at the many reasons why wooden flooring might not endure as long as it could.

Cleaning your floors

Due to its position, flooring will often bear the brunt of accidents and traffic. If something falls or spills, the floor is usually where it will end up, not to mention the daily dirt tramped in by people and pets. If you don’t tend to spillage and staining immediately, it will take its toll on your floor over time. Even if it has a good coating and finish, a wooden floor must be regularly cleaned if you would like it to last as long as you live.

Be wary of what you use to clean your floor with. Only use a product that is designed specifically for hardwood flooring, and avoid excessive use of moisture during cleaning to preserve it.

Padding your furniture

If you like to alternate where your furniture is placed periodically, or you prefer an in-depth clean that involves moving furnishings out of the way to get beneath, there is a good chance you might scratch your wooden floor. To avoid needing to refinish your floors prematurely, properly pad the feet of sofas, armchairs, tables and other heavier furnishings. While simple and affordable, these little coverings can add years to your floor and can save you early expenditure.

Pet protection

If you’re a dog owner, you might suffer some floor scratches from their nails. When frolicking around on your wooden boards, dog’s nails can create significant surface damage. This can be easily remedied by trimming their nails regularly, and it’s worth remembering this is a much more affordable option than enlisting a contractor to repair your flooring.

Leaving it to the professionals

Finally, having specialist contractors with experience in fitting hardwood floors in charge of your installation can add years to your flooring. Flooring experts can advise on the most suitable timber to use and whether it’s ideal for the climate of where you live.

Solid wood floors that have been installed improperly can lead to you needing to refinish and recoat them far more often, reducing years of service. With some poorly fitted flooring, the wood may become warped. Not only does this spoil its appearance, but raised or bulging boards can quickly become damaged, ruining them and requiring them to be replaced.

A wooden floor can be a wise but considerable investment, so it’s always worth hiring professionals to complete installations, as well as any refurbishments.

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