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What are the options for contract flooring in Wirral?

There are many types of floor coverings for commercial floors. Most workplace floors need to withstand high volumes of foot and machine traffic and need to do this with minimal wear and tear.

Wirral is not known for its dry climate, so floors also need to be water resistant in areas where people come in with muddy shoes and wet dripping clothes, and of course it helps if they can be easily wiped clean. Floors may need to withstand chemical spills or other hazardous materials.

There are five main types of contract flooring available for Wirral commercial premises:

1. Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy coating can be applied to concrete, vinyl tiles and hardwood for a smooth finish that is not slippery. Epoxy is a strong coating that withstands high traffic and heavy loads.

2. Hardwood flooring

Though hardwood is expensive and installation costs are high, it is a hardwearing material that people love for its natural looks. It is particularly suitable for public areas like restaurants, health centres, and museums.

Provided the hardwood is sourced from sustainable forests, it will be an environmentally friendly choice that will last a long time. When it becomes worn and shabby looking, it can be restored by sanding. Epoxy coating can also extend its life.

Hardwood can be a natural colour or stained with a colour coating. Grey hardwood floors are popular for a contemporary-style room

3. Tiles

Porcelain tiles are easy to clean and are long lasting. They are particularly suitable for food preparation areas, toilets and bathrooms, as they are waterproof.

4. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl floors are available in a number of textures, patterns and colours. Vinyl comes in tiles or sheets, and is water resistant, durable and easy to maintain.

There are various grades of vinyl. The cheap grades are not recommended for contract flooring in Wirral as they are not durable. The transparent coating can easily be damaged, making the floor look shabby.

High-quality luxury vinyl tiles should last over 10 years even in high-traffic areas.

5. Carpet

Many Wirral businesses prefer the look and feel of traditional carpets. Carpets are available in a wide variety of colours and patterns.

Carpet tiles are a popular contract flooring choice. Many carpets get uneven wear, because the area where people walk from one room to another has more foot traffic than the sides of the room and will wear more quickly. Instead of having to replace the whole carpet, matching tiles can replace just the areas that have worn the most.

Like vinyl, there are many grades of carpets. Avoid very cheap carpet as it will not last long in a commercial setting. Choose a carpet whose manufacturer says that is suitable for contract flooring.

To protect the carpet from weather effects, place water absorbent mats at outside entrances.

Speak to your contract flooring specialist

To help you decide the best choice for your contract flooring, a Wirral company can help you out. They will discuss all contract flooring options in Wirral and provide quotes for each suitable type.

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