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What are the benefits of laminate flooring in Cheshire rooms?

Many residential and business premises in Cheshire choose laminate to cover their floors. There are several reasons why laminate is a great flooring choice:


One of the main reasons for choosing laminate flooring is because it is a natural-looking floor covering that is also affordable. It allows the look of natural wood without the high cost of solid wood. Laminate flooring that looks like natural stone is also far cheaper than real stone.


Good quality laminates are designed to last a long time. They have a topcoat that protects the floor from dents, scratches, stains and fading, and are suitable for use with pets as their paws will not damage the floor.

Most laminates come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The minimum will be for one year, but some manufacturers offer warranties that last many years, even for commercial use.


In Cheshire, we love the natural environment which is why beauty spots such as Alderley Edge, Lyme Park and Delamere Forest are so popular. People like to be reminded of nature in their homes and offices with house plants and diffusers with natural aromas.

Laminates are printed with natural wood or stone patterns and modern printing technology makes these patterns look realistic.

Easy to install

Laminate flooring has a tongue and groove system that makes them easy to install. A professional installer can lay laminate flooring in a short time and this makes installation costs affordable.

Environmentally friendly

Laminate is a composite material that uses wood. At the end of the floor’s life, the laminate can be recycled.

Laminate manufacturers have environmentally friendly practices to protect the environment. Some laminate planks include recycled materials in them and wood can be sourced from well-managed sustainable forests.

Easy to clean

Laminate flooring is easy to clean. This saves time for households and cleaning costs for Cheshire businesses. Laminate can be swept or vacuumed to remove dirt and debris. It can be wiped using a mop with cleaning products formulated for laminates. You can even use an inexpensive mixture of water and vinegar to clean laminate.

Spilt liquids can be quickly mopped up, and thanks to the top coating on the laminate flooring, will not cause stains if the liquid is mopped promptly.

Comparing laminates to wood and carpets

For many of us, you cannot beat the look of solid wood floors. If your budget does not stretch to hardwood or engineered wood, laminate is a good way to get the look of natural wood without the high cost.

If you live in a Cheshire area subject to floods and the floor could get wet, wood tends to warp under prolonged contact with water. Laminates are not completely waterproof but are more water resistant than wood.

Carpets are a good choice of flooring but will need replacing after five to ten years, compared to laminates which should last a lot longer.

These are just some of the reasons that make laminate flooring a good choice for Cheshire rooms.

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