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What are the advantages of sanding your wooden floors?

If your wood floor is starting to look a little rough around the edges, you might be considering sanding them down, and whether it’s worth the cost and inconvenience. There are multiple benefits to sanding hardwood floors, making it one of the easiest improvements that can make a dramatic change when it comes to your home’s appearance. Read on to discover just some of the numerous benefits that sanding your floors can bring.

Erasing signs of wear

Over time, hardwood flooring can start to display wear and tear. From getting scrapes across its surface to taking the weight of considerable footfall, floors can begin to look a little old. Temperature fluctuations over the years can add to this effect, stealing their shine and making them appear tired and dull.

A key advantage of solid wood floors is that they can be sanded down and sealed multiple times. The impact of this process is that boards will be refreshed and will appear as new as the day they were first installed. When hardwood becomes worn, it simply needs some extra care to restore its natural beauty.

Reducing pest problems

Tiny insects make their homes in the cavities between floorboards. These spaces are caused over time, when boards become worn. By sanding your wooden floor and adding a protective seal, these gaps are closed off to bugs, which will find another house to live in.

Avoiding splinters

When a wood floor becomes tired, its protective coating becomes depleted, causing boards to splinter. These sharp shards of wood can stick in your feet or harm children playing on the floor. Sanding will eliminate these menaces immediately, creating a safer surface for everyone.

Making floors simpler to care for

Professionally sanding and sealing solid wood floors will limit dust and dirt from accumulating on them. This can make floors far easier to keep clean in your house.

Increasing the strength of floors

As hardwood floors age, their boards start to space apart. As this happens, nails holding them in place will rise up to the surface. The combined impact of these two ageing processes can make the floor feel uneven, and when this happens, they can be damaged by weight on top of them – just walking across them can result in broken boards.

After the floors have been sanded, eliminating any elevations, boards can be nailed back down properly, and any spaces that have been created over time will then be filled, increasing your floor’s structural integrity.

Increasing the value of your property

Finally, a hardwood floor represents a significant investment for your house, and having stunning solid wood floors can enhance your home’s value. So, when you decide to sell your house, ensuring that one of its showcase features is in perfect condition makes sense. The value you added to your home by installing a wooden floor will be lost if it appears to have lost its shine with visible gaps between the boards, so sanding and sealing it once more is a wise move.

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