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Warrington hospital installs adhesive-free nonslip flooring

When it came time to install new flooring in one of Warrington Hospital’s main corridors, the management of the hospital was faced with a problem – how to install nonslip flooring quickly so that disruption could be kept to a minimum.

The conventional way of laying nonslip flooring is to use an adhesive to attach the floor covering. This means that the adhesive needs to set before the floor can be walked on, and this can take up to four days. The hospital chose Altro Cantana Flooring, which can be laid down on top of existing flooring without using adhesive. The new floor covering was laid overnight and could be walked on the next day. The laying process involved strong double-sided tape and hot welded joints.

The corridor handles both wheeled and on-foot traffic. Lee Bushell, the hospital’s Head of Capital projects, said:

“It’s is standing up to the demands well with no signs of movement, bubbling or rippling, which proves it truly is a long-term solution and not just a temporary fix. Very impressive.”

Cleaning is also easy on the new floor. During the day, the floor receives many black scuff marks from trolley wheels. These are easily wiped off without damaging the floor using scrubbing machines and buffers.

Nonslip flooring in Cheshire workplaces is often needed for safety reasons. These can be secured using adhesives, but Warrington Hospital highlights that there are alternative processes that can be used if speed is a critical factor.

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