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VR could help people choose floor coverings

Virtual reality (VR) applications are being developed to visualise home improvements.

Predicted to be the next trend in retail stores, a Tommy Hilfiger store in the United States has a VR system where customers can experience a fashion show.

Now, home improvement stores are researching virtual reality technology. Microsoft has partnered with Lowe’s home improvement stores in the United States to develop a tool that uses Microsoft’s HoloLens virtual reality system to visualise kitchen renovations. With this tool, customers can compare various kitchen appliances and look around the virtual kitchen.

Microsoft wants to develop the technology so that whole house renovations can be crated in virtual space. A digital representation of a client’s house can be produced so that, for example, with the swipe of a hand, different floor coverings and materials can be added to see how they would look in a home.

If the technology is successful, people choosing hardwood flooring in their Cheshire or North Wales homes could soon use virtual reality systems to get a real feel for how different floor coverings can change the look of the room in question.

There are a number of web based room visualizers currently available. RoomSketcher, for example, allows users to specify the dimensions of a room and then choose a floor covering, wall covering and furniture on a 2D plan, which is then converted to a 3D view.

In the future, virtual reality technology may become an essential interior design tool.

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