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Viral video shows importance of keeping laminate clean

A woman recently posted online about how she moved into a new home that had dark laminate flooring, but when she started to clean the floor, she was startled to discover that it was not dark laminate after all – it was light-coloured laminate flooring that had a thick dirt crust.

The woman posted a video of her cleaning the floor to video sharing platform TikTok with the caption:

“When I moved in I just thought the floor was dark.”

The video has been watched 700,000 times on her account, called Dandycleans, which she dedicates to her love of cleaning.

Some viewers thought that the flooring must have been stained a dark colour, but she assured them that it was all dirt – highlighting the importance of keeping laminate floors clean.

This type of flooring is easy to clean with a cleaning solution specifically formulated for laminate. Alternately, it can be cleaned with a mixture of a cup of vinegar and around four litres of warm water, applied with a slightly damp mop. Don’t wet the floor too much, as not all laminate flooring is waterproof. Remove spills promptly with a cloth, but never use abrasive cleaners.

Regularly sweep or vacuum laminate flooring to remove dust and debris. You can also use a microfibre cloth to remove loose dirt. Food stains can be removed with a mixture of water and washing up liquid.

Laminate flooring is popular with Cheshire households. It looks like natural wood but is a lot less expensive. If laminate flooring is looked after, it will last many years.

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