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Victorian school parquet flooring used in modern buildings

A feature of many Victorian schools was their parquet flooring. Though many of the fixtures and fitting of old school buildings, the desks, the high windows and tiled bathrooms, seem old fashioned, modern architects and designers are finding new uses for this traditional technique.

There are many old Victorian schools in London that have been converted into apartments. Examples include the Lyceum in Kennington where Charlie Chaplin went to school, and Sloane School in Chelsea.

In converting these London schools to apartments, the architects have removed most of the original features, but they have kept the parquet flooring. Such flooring can be restored by sanding and varnishing to make it look new again.

London’s Palmspace co-working studio also used reclaimed parquet flooring taken from a number of old London schools and other buildings. Parquet blocks were also used to cover desks in the studio.

Weldon, a flooring company, bought parquet flooring blocks on eBay that were originally laid at Spalding Grammar School in Lincolnshire. Laying reclaimed parquet flooring is painstaking work, with each block needing to be individually placed. The Weldon flooring job took a fortnight to cover just one room with a parquet herringbone pattern. Each individual block needed old tar stripped off it by hand using a penknife.

If you want parquet flooring installed in your North Wales home or office, you can save time by using engineered flooring, which consists of parquet prefabricated blocks that can be installed quickly and easily.

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