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Unfinished or Prefinished Hardwood: Which is best?

There is no doubting that hardwood flooring in Liverpool is particularly popular at the moment, and it is hardly surprising that this should be the case since people from the city have both a keen sense of style and an ability to seek out products that will look good for longer.

If you are considering joining many of your fellow Liverpudlians in purchasing wooden flooring for your home, one of the things you will need to think about is whether to choose unfinished or prefinished hardwood. Hopefully, this article will help you make that decision.

Prefinished floors

You should find that prefinished hardwood flooring in Liverpool (sometimes referred to as factory finished) has already been coated with a protective top coat. This coat is placed on hardwood in order to protect the flooring from daily damage that occurs when furniture scrapes on the floor or things are dropped.

Unfinished flooring

As you have probably gathered, unfinished hardwood flooring in Liverpool is flooring that is purchased without any coating. This means that it offers much less protection than prefinished flooring, unless you coat it with sealant yourself.

The benefits of prefinished flooring

The main benefit of prefinished hardwood flooring is that it will last a lot longer than unfinished wood, simply because it has that extra level of protection in the form of the top coat.

Most professional hardwood flooring installers in Liverpool also find that it is easier and faster to install hardwood that has been prefinished.

The benefits of unfinished flooring

There are a few cases in which unfinished flooring can be advantageous, with the main one being that it can more easily be matched to existing flooring, so if you just want to replace a damaged portion of flooring it is a good buy.

Unfinished flooring also tends to be cheaper than the alternative, and you can stain it any colour you like to match your décor.

As you can see, there are benefits to buying both prefinished and unfinished wood depending on your requirements, but we would say that in most cases prefinished wood seems to be the better option, as it is quicker, stronger and will last longer, and unlike unfinished flooring, you won’t have to do any work on it once it has been installed by either yourself or a professional who is trained in the installation of hardwood flooring in Liverpool.

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