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Underfloor insulation could cut heating use by 92% in older homes

Insulation added underneath suspended timber floors could reduce the loss of heat by as much as 92%, a new study has said.

Researchers on a joint project between the University of Sheffield and University College London found that underfloor insulation can have a dramatic effect on cutting down heat loss. They compared two rooms; one using wood fibre floor insulation under the floor, and the other EPS beads injected into the floor. The beads reduced heat loss by 63%, but the wood fibre insulation reduced heat loss by 92%.

With the concrete floors found in some modern homes, it is impossible to install under floor insulation. Older homes built prior to World War II tend to have suspended wooden timber floors. For as little as £200, underfloor insulation can be installed in these older homes to prevent heat loss. It is estimated that there are 10 million homes in Britain with suspended timber flooring that could benefit from underfloor insulation.

A member of the research team, Dr. Sofie Pelsmakers of the University of Sheffield said:

“In the future, ground floor insulation may provide another effective means to reduce energy consumption.”

The researchers cautioned people who want to lay their own insulation. To be effective, the insulation should be well-fitted and free of air gaps.

When installing new hardwood flooring in your Cheshire home, if you have suspended timber flooring, it is worth having underfloor insulation professionally installed. The researchers claim that the saving on energy bills could pay for the installation work within two years.

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