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UK Carpet Recycling firm break all records

New figures suggest that during 2013, 107,000 tonnes of waste carpet was reused and recycled within the UK.

The statistics released by Carpet Recycling UK (CRUK,) show that the recovery of these waste products, previously destined for landfill, has increased by 21% from last year.

Initially, CRUK had intended to see 25% of carpeting diverted from landfill. Not only has CRUK exceeded this limit, by sending 27% of the product to landfill, they have also achieved this two years earlier than the 2015 projection.

In 2008, the UK saw 400,000 tonnes of waste carpet being ineffectively disposed of each year. CRUK was launched to tackle this and is breaking records and winning awards for its continued success. Whilst the figures have been helped by dedicated carpet collection facilities in 45 local authorities across the UK, CRUK has also innovated new end uses for recycled carpet waste. CRUK also sees support from commercial manufacturers who are enthusiastic to show moral responsibility and ethics for their products.

As flooring innovations improve, and homeowners are seeking other options, carpet is commonly being replaced by laminate, hardwood or other types of engineered flooring. From Cheshire to Chichester, it is hoped that the rest of the UK will follow the lead of Scotland that are already at the forefront of material segregation for commercial industries. These enforcements came into effect from 1st Jan 2014 and it is hoped that these, alongside the continued diversion of materials from landfill can help the CRUK reach its ambitious new target of 60% by 2020.

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