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“Uber modern” wooden floor kitchens provide fresh new look

The “uber modern” style of kitchen, complete with wood floors, has been named ideal for those who like a clean and simple decor style.

For many, 2020 was a difficult year because of lockdowns and restrictions. Many homeowners are now seeing the beginning of 2021 as a time to cheer themselves up by freshening up the home with a new kitchen.

According to Holly Purchase, writing for the MailOnline, some homeowners prefer traditional style kitchens with fittings in the classic “Shaker” style. Wood flooring adds colour that contrasts with white or neutral colour kitchen units.

Other, however, are now opting for a more modern style. “Uber modern” is a style that is simple and clean, almost minimalist. Drawers and cabinets have no handles – only a built-in curve that makes them easy to open.

Dark grey or midnight blue matt finishes the creation of a clean look, but can seem stark when viewed on their own. Purchase suggests a light hardwood floor and coloured accessories to contrast with dark coloured units, brightening up the space.

Wood flooring is a versatile material, as it goes well with a traditional kitchen and equally suits more modern styles. It is an easy to clean flooring option that will keep the kitchen hygienic. Modern wood flooring planks can be bought treated with a protective moisture resistant layer, which makes them suitable for wet areas like kitchens.

The natural look and practicality of wood flooring makes it a popular option in Wirral and Cheshire homes. It also adds financial value, making it a great investment.

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