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Two schemes set up help to recycle old vinyl

A vinyl recycling scheme has announced a record collection of 508 tonnes in 2015. Meanwhile, in Canada, a new tavern has found a unique use for old vinyl records.

The Recofloor scheme aims to recycle old vinyl flooring instead of dumping it in landfill sites. As well as helping the environment, the scheme reduces the cost of disposal by around 70%.

Recofloor offers a series of drop-off sites through Britain where scheme members can drop off any vinyl they have taken up when laying new floors. The vinyl is then made into new flooring and other vinyl products.

The success of the scheme recycling over 508 tonnes in 2015 is to be celebrated on March 3 at the Old Trafford football ground, not too far away from residents of North and East Cheshire. Scheme members who have achieved the most will be presented with awards.

Another scheme to recycle a different form of vinyl – records – is taking place in Edmonton, Canada. The owner of the new Needle Vinyl Tavern is appealing for locals to donate old vinyl records that will be embedded in the tavern’s floor. James Leder, the tavern’s owner, is particularly interested in the records of bands that have a local connection.

The tavern requires 500 records that will be fixed to the floor and covered with clear epoxy to protect them.

If you are installing new solid flooring in your Cheshire home or business, you may consider sticking some vinyl records in the floor to give a new meaning to the phrase “vinyl flooring”.

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