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TV soap and drama floor plans inspire floor covering choices

Floor plans from television soaps and dramas are being used to inspire interior designs.

When installing a new floor in Chester homes, it is important to choose the best floor covering design to suit the room style. This can be difficult, so any form of inspiration is usually welcome.

QuickQuid has commissioned NeoMam Studios to created eight floor plans of homes featured in some of Britain’s favourite soaps and dramas. These include homes from 1919 from Peaky Blinders, the 1980s residency of the Trotter family in Only Fools and Horses, and the contemporary flat where Mark and Jez live in Peep Show. Other floor plans are from Eastenders, Father Ted, Broadchurch and the Royle Family.

The floor plans are in a variety of styles that have been created as 3D renders viewed from above with the roofs removed so that viewers can see the rooms with floors, furniture and fittings.

It is not expected that homeowners will copy the exact home styles, but the floor plans can inspire floor covering choices. Few will want to live in a room that is a copy of one in the Eastender’s Queen Vic pub, but many will like the light grey contemporary look of the floor cerates in DI Alec Hardy’s house next to the sea in Broadchurch or the feel of Luther’s flat.

For more floor design inspirations, visit a local flooring company to see their range of solid flooring for Chester homes.

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