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Why you shouldn’t throw away sawdust

When wood flooring becomes worn or marked, it can be restored to a near-new condition by sanding and refinishing the floor with a wood protection solution. This creates a lot of sawdust, which many people throw away. However, Donna Boyle Schwartz, writing for the website, says that there are many uses for sawdust.

For example, sawdust spread around garden plants helps retain moisture, keeps roots cool and prevents weeds. It can also be sprinkled in the garden to form natural pathways. This will create a non-slip surface, even in icy conditions.

If grease or oil is spilt on wood flooring, sprinkle sawdust on it and wait a while before sweeping it up.

Old paint left in cans should not be poured down the drain. Fill the can with sawdust and leave the lid off – after a while, the paint will harden and become solid. The paint is then safe to throw away.

Sawdust can also be used for crafting. Mixed with white paint, it looks like snow, and with green paint, it resembles grass.

If wood flooring is damaged with cracks or holes, grind the sawdust until it’s a flour-like consistency. Mix with glue to make a putty and use this to fill the damaged area. The colour of the filler will match the wood flooring.

After completing a floor sanding in your Cheshire or Wirral home, don’t throw the sawdust away. As highlighted above, there are many uses for sawdust, making it useful to keep in your home.

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