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Top tips for easy homemade carpet cleaning solutions

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of ways in which the carpet of your Liverpool home might become grubby. Carpet stains can get you down, and there are times you will need professional cleaning services to sort them out, but there are plenty of home remedies that will get your carpet back to good as new in next to no time. Here are some favourites to try out. Most make use of products you probably have at home already.

First, you need to diagnose what sort of stain you have:

Dark stains

We have all heard that red wine stains can be cleaned up by pouring white wine on the spill. Did you know that once you have shocked your guests by pulling that party trick, the best thing is then to blot the spill and cover it with table salt?

The salt’s absorbent properties make it great at mopping up the mess. After 10 minutes, simply vacuum up the whole lot!

Other dark and tricky stains like fruit juice or ketchup can also be cleaned up in this way. Replace the white wine with vinegar if you can’t bear to throw a good drink on the floor.

Greasy stains

When food, makeup, or other lotions get into a carpet, it can be tricky to eliminate them. Use shaving foam to clear the stain. Squirt it on, let it dry, and rub it off with a damp cloth. WD-40 or other solvent-based products are a great alternative to expensive carpet-cleaning products for these sorts of stains. Spray some on and wipe it off with soap-based detergent for really stubborn, greasy stains.

Coffee and tea stains

Households in Liverpool love a cup of tea, but isn’t it a pain if some drips onto the carpet? One of the more surprising uses for beer is for stains just like these (and we don’t mean replacing your cup of coffee with a cup of beer!). Dab beer onto the spill and you should find the stain lifts right off. Leave the beer to dry and then wash with soapy detergent.

Smelly stains

Bicarbonate of soda is a perennial favourite in any home remedy armoury, and is great to use on unpleasant stains such as urine or vomit. Use kitchen towel to wipe up most of the liquid and then pour bicarbonate of soda over the stained area. Once it is dry, vacuum it up. Both the stain and odour will be gone!

Bicarbonate of soda can also be used with vinegar or lemon juice for lifting stains that are both sticky and smelly.

Chewing gum

Not so much a stain as a dirty eyesore, chewing gum is difficult to clean off carpets because it gets ensconced in the fibres of the carpet. Wrap an ice cube up in plastic and cover the gum with it. Once the chewing gum is dry, it is easier to scrape it off. Use a spoon to be sure not to damage the carpet fibres.

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