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Top designers recommend wood flooring in kitchens

The Washington Post recently asked a number of designers about their opinions on installing wood floors in kitchens, and the consensus was that wood flooring is highly recommended.

Many people are reluctant to install wood flooring in kitchens because they are afraid that moisture created in the kitchen could harm the floor. However, flooring expert Debbie Gartner said:

“People don’t actually get that much water on their kitchen floors, and if an appliance were to break, insurance would typically cover any warping or other damage.”

She also recommends that people do not wear shoes in order to protect their wooden floors. The biggest danger is from dirt and pebbles that get caught in the soles of the shoe and get dragged across the floor, causing scratches, dents and other damage. Furthermore, she adds that although they can be expensive to install, when kept properly, they are long lasting and can therefore represent a better return on investment.

Designer Katie Rider explained to the Washington Post that she tells her clients to only install wood floors in kitchens, and says:

“They are soft underfoot, the upkeep is easy… I really don’t think there are any drawbacks.”

Architect Donald Lococo says that in open-plan rooms with a kitchen area, people do not want a transition from wood in the living area to a different floor covering in the kitchen space. Wood is ideal for both areas to create a consistent look.

Many households have hardwood flooring in their Cheshire kitchens. Provided that the floors are cleaned regularly, they should last for a long time.

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