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Top considerations for laminate flooring in Wirral rooms

Laminate flooring is a good choice for most Wirral rooms, but like all floor covering choices, there are dos and don’ts. Being aware of both the advantages and disadvantages of laminate flooring will help you make informed buying decisions and help you consider whether it is the best choice for your room.

Top advantages


Modern printing and embossing techniques enable manufacturers to produce many stylish designs. Ridges embossed on laminate can make wood designs look and feel more realistic. Manufacturers can create a washed or worn look that some users prefer.

Laminate can look like natural stone or wood, or is available in many colourful patterns and colours, perhaps complementing the common sandstone surroundings of the Wirral.


Laminate is available in several grades to suit all budgets. The cheaper grades are an affordable option, but in the long term can work out more expensive as the floor may have to be replaced after a few years. If you cannot afford top quality laminate, purchase a mid-grade vinyl.


Mid-to-high-range laminate is made to last a long time. Top-quality laminates can be purchased with a very long guarantee. Premium laminate is a good choice for commercial spaces, as it will last a long time in heavy footfall areas.

Weather protection

The general drizzle of the Wirral is not good news for floors as it means that they can suffer from people walking over them with muddy shoes and wet dripping clothes. Laminate flooring is easy to clean; a microfibre mop will remove liquids and stains and a vacuum or brush will get rid of dust and debris.

On hot days, laminate flooring will not fade in harsh sunlight.


Laminate flooring with a padded underlay feels soft to walk on and retains heat. It is not as soft as carpet, which is why some users also have rugs on laminate flooring.

Points to consider

Environmentally friendly?

Not all laminates are environmentally friendly and some contain toxic chemicals. Laminate manufacturers are aware of this and many of them are producing environmentally friendly laminates that use wood from sustainable forests and are stopping using harmful substances.Cannot be refinished

Laminate cannot be refinished, unlike wood flooring that can be sanded and re-varnished. Minor damage can be repaired. If you install laminate tiles, order a few more tiles than you need. These can be used in case tiles get damaged.

Laminates do not increase the value of your home

Laminate flooring, unlike solid wood flooring, has little or no effect on the value of the house. This is not an issue if you intend to stay in your home for a long time.


Substances dropped on laminate flooring can cause stains. This probably can be avoided though simply by making sure that anything spilt on the floor is wiped up as soon as possible.


Lastly, laminate flooring is not suitable for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms unless the floor is carefully sealed.

Overall, the advantages of laminate flooring in Wirral rooms outweigh the disadvantages, and this makes laminate flooring a good choice for the vast majority of homes, rooms and workplaces.

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