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Timber Trade Federation supports sustainable sourcing

The Timber Trade Federation (TTF) of the UK has recently opted to sign up for the Forests Campaign.

The campaign was established by WWF UK, and as a result of agreeing with the agenda, TTF will aim to get all its timber from sustainable forests within the next five years. One consequence could be that woodblock flooring in Cheshire or the surrounding area will appeal to those who are ecologically minded. The chief executive for TTF, David Lennan, has said:

“The TTF has supported the campaign in principle since last summer. However, we wanted to make sure we played an active role in supporting delivery of the 2020 targets.

“Anand Punja, TTF head of sustainability, has worked constructively with members and WWF to agree action-orientated commitments that can move the industry forward in the right direction.”

TTF has approximately 300 members. As the federation includes sawmills, retailers and distributors its members come from across the industry. It has been reported that all in all, the membership of TTF is responsible for approximately two thirds of the UK sector. The worth of that industry has been assessed at a value of nearly £9 billion.

TTF will support lobbying of the European Union for the loopholes within its legislation on timber industry regulation to be brought to an end. Further, TTF has agreed to back lobbying of the British government. However, the federation has also chosen to act on a smaller scale by encouraging its members to take voluntary action on an individual basis.

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