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Timber production set to grow, says industry expert

A manager at Borders Machinery Ring (BMR) has suggested that it is a great time to plant timber, mentioning that the market for wood is in excellent health.

With a strong demand for timber grown within the UK, Paul Boobyer of BMR has stated that prices for wood are high at the moment. He has pointed out that the construction industry has recovered from its state during 2013.

The building industry is not the only consumer of timber products. The biomass and packaging sectors are also of importance. In addition, there is a growing market in firewood.

If British timber production increases, then the price may well fall, meaning that wood flooring in Cheshire is likely to be more affordable than ever.

BMR has been involved in a project to promote underused farm woods. The initiative commenced back in 2013, and its goal was to boost the position of forestry contractors, landowners and the economy of the area. So far, nearly 40 farm management plans have been produced as a result of all the activity.

In addition to the generation of the free management guidance, BMR has been responsible for auditing almost 80 woodlands. This work has been accomplished in about a year and a half.

Mr. Boobyer explained:

“All sectors of the sawn market are buoyant, with the fencing market in particular being very strong. The pallet and packaging sector, although experiencing good demand, is finding stronger price resistance than either the fencing or construction sectors.”

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