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Timber industry backs low-carbon future

A recent report has suggested that there is a tendency among the British timber associations to support a shift to a low-carbon economy.

The timber industry in the UK has a value of nearly £9 billion, and its operations could have a tremendous influence on the way in which the country gears up for a greener future. A grouping of trade associations, collectively called the Timber Accord, has produced a report that looks at the specifics of the situation.

The study in question contains a number of important sections. One of these is concerned with housing in particular. The need to build houses with the future in mind will have an impact on the type of construction carried out. As long as trees are replanted, wood flooring in the Wirral and other regions of the North West will continue to be popular.

The report contends that timber is a safe and cost-effective form of carbon capture. It asserts that quite a small increase in British woodland could reduce the national carbon footprint by a tenth by 2050.

Other announcements in the last few months have shown that sustainable timber is becoming more popular on an international basis. The New York Climate Summit, held under the auspices of the United Nations, witnessed several industries making pledges to reduce their carbon emissions. Paper was one of the sectors involved.

David Hopkins from Wood for Good, a promotional campaign, has said:

“There has never been a clearer need for policies which can kick-start sustainable economic growth without increasing emissions.”

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