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Timber event held in Dorset

A short course has recently been held to promote understanding over the use of wood as part of sustainable practices.

The day was managed by the Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (DAONB) in a woodland area called Prime Coppice. This is situated within Marshwood Vale and covers over 50 acres of greenery.

The people who attended the course came from various counties of England. Although the emphasis of the course was on using wood for fuel, timber enthusiasts often use it for a number of other purposes – from wood flooring in Cheshire to carpentry in Cardiff.

Several individuals cooperated to raise the profile of timber as an eco-friendly fuel source. They included Herefordshire-based expert Pete Harmer and Kit Vaughan, the owner of the Coppice. Mike Thorne, from Eco Green Energy, was also in attendance. These people were joined by Jon Butterworth, who works at Arada Stoves, and Ross Dickinson, who is responsible for a local firewood firm.

Information was provided to course participants on specific issues. These included wood storage, the properties of different species, the right way to burn wood, and questions to ask prior to purchasing timber.

Timber is considered an affordable fuel, as it is believed to be cheaper to heat a space by burning wood than through burning oil. Moreover, the use of electricity for heating purposes can also be more expensive than using wood.

Mr Ian Rees, who works for the DAONB, has said:

“Buying wood from sustainably managed woodlands also benefits wildlife, the local economy and helps tackle climate change.”

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