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Three fabulous black-and-white laminate flooring looks

Most people buy laminate flooring for their Cheshire and Wirral rooms because they like the natural wood look or laminate’s hard-wearing qualities. Laminate flooring is also available in non-wood patterns and colours, of course. A room can be transformed with black-and-white laminate flooring. Here are three ideas on how to change a room using black or white laminate planks:

1. White floors for the Nordic Look

The Nordic look is inspired by Scandinavian interior design trends and is achieved by white or light grey laminate flooring with natural wood furniture.

2. Black floors for a spacious clean look

The opposite to white flooring is black laminate. This is not common as some fear that black makes a room too dark. However, black laminate floors work well in kitchens or bathrooms with white fittings and neutral colour walls, making these rooms look both spacious and clean.

3. Black and white pattern floors for a dramatic effect

Most homes have a single type of laminate flooring for a room. Using contrasting colour laminate planks creates bold patterns for a dramatic look. The planks can be laid in a traditional parallel arrangement or in a herringbone pattern. For a dramatic contrasting pattern, mix black with white laminate planks.

New black and white laminate flooring options are available, or an existing floor can be professionally revitalised.

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