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The qualities to should look for in high quality laminate flooring

The county of Cheshire is home to some of the most luxurious homes in the country. Not only is it the location of grand stately homes like Addlington Hall and Bramall Hall, but it is also home to some of the finest private accommodations in the whole of the UK, and particularly in the North West.

You might think that with so much competition around you, it would be tough keeping up with The Joneses. However, there are a lot of low cost home DIY solutions that will enable you to transform your home into a veritable palace, and one of those things is laminate flooring.

There are a lot of places selling laminate flooring and you can find companies who offer cheap installation of laminate flooring in Liverpool, not far away from Cheshire, so there is no reason not to take the plunge and transform your home with laminate.

If you decide to do so, here are the qualities you should be looking for to ensure you purchase only the highest quality laminate flooring:

High definition

You want your home to look good, which means you need to identify the laminate flooring which has the most high definition patterns. These are patterns that look indistinguishable from hardwood in both design and colour.

Multiple layers

Laminate flooring that has the most layers will last longer than other laminates because it will be less susceptible to scratches, fading and stain damage. It is also less likely to warp if water is spilled on it than laminates with fewer layers.


You should always try to buy laminate flooring which is as thick and dense as possible. If you can, try to get flooring with a thickness of between 6 and 12 millimetres.

Easy install

Whether you are planning to install your laminate yourself, or you plan to hire a professional to do the job for you, it is always a good idea to purchase laminate flooring which fits together using a simple interlocking system.

This kind of laminate is much easier to install, and it allows for expansion and contraction depending on the temperature of the room, so that your floor will not warp, crack or lift.


Finally, you should always try to purchase laminate flooring in Cheshire which comes with a warranty, not only will this save you money if something goes wrong, but it is usually a pretty good indicator of quality, too.

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