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The multiple benefits of solid wood flooring

Whether you are looking for the right flooring for your newly built home, office space or traditional cottage, it is more than likely that solid wood flooring will be the ideal choice. Such floors are stylish, classy and strong. They can transform any space into an elegant one with ease, but that is far from the only reason to choose solid wood flooring. Here are just some of the many benefits you will reap if you choose it for your property:

Easy to install

Due to the availability of professional fitters, good quality solid wood flooring is very easy to install, which means the job will be done quickly with a minimum of disruption to you and your family.


Homes which have solid wood floors are often more healthy places to live, because there are no fibres and allergens to worry about, and nothing gets trapped in the flooring like it does with carpet. This leads to an improvement in indoor air quality, which makes solid wood flooring great for asthma sufferers and people who have allergies.

Easy to clean

Of course, wood floors are also a doddle to clean. Dirt does not penetrate them deeply and they can simply be mopped and vacuumed to keep them looking their best. Again, this saves you a lot of time in the process.

Lots of choice

Solid wood floors come in many different styles, so whether you favour light or dark flooring, or shiny or matte finishes, you can be certain that there is a floor option out there to suit you.

Strong and durable

Good quality solid wood flooring can last a lifetime. Wood is obviously a very tough material, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear, and the vast majority of hard wood floors look better as they age. This means that once you install the flooring, no matter how much traffic it gets, it will last for decades to come.

A sound investment

Since hard wood flooring lasts so long and looks so good, it is a very good investment. Property buyers tend to favour homes with solid wood flooring, so much so that it can even bring in a higher price when selling a property.

Good acoustics

It is usually the case that homes with solid wood flooring have better acoustics than those with other types of flooring, such as carpet.

First class finish

Even most of the less expensive solid wood floors are pleasing to the eye. They are elegant, warm and impressive in any space.

Always in style

Perhaps the best thing about solid wood floors is that they never go out of fashion. You will not have to change them every time you decorate, and they will take on a more attractive look with every year that goes by. Not only that, but they go with pretty much everything too.

So, there you have it, a number of reasons why you should seriously consider solid wood flooring in your home or workplace.

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