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The best non slip flooring for food processing areas

In any workplace where food is prepared, served or processed, non slip flooring is crucial for a safe environment. Non slip flooring needs to prevent employee slips and maintain a firm grip for trolleys, forklifts and other equipment.

For dry areas, such as warehouses and foyers where food is stored or served, a light non slip flooring is fine. Commercial kitchens, food processing and packing areas that are regularly washed down will need a medium non slip flooring.

Meat pressing areas, freezers, cool rooms and other high moisture areas can be very slippery and so require a heavy-duty non slip flooring. Bakeries require a non slip floor that provides grip without the possibility of flour and other small particles getting trapped and forming a bacterial hazard.

There are many non slip flooring options for workplaces that handle food. Non slip flooring is easy to clean and is available in a variety of colours and finishes, and public areas where can have a flooring design that complements the interior decor.

Many organisations have installed non slip flooring in their Wirral workplaces. Non slip flooring is not only for workplaces that handle food – any floor that is a slip hazard can be replaced with nonslip flooring to protect workers and members of the public.

Non slip flooring is also suitable for residential use, especially in homes where frail or elderly people live. A non slip floor stockist will advise on the best flooring option for a particular workplace or home.

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