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The benefits of laminate flooring for Cheshire rooms

Many homes and workplaces in Cheshire have installed laminate flooring because of its multiple benefits.


The main benefit of laminate flooring is its lower cost when compared to other materials like wood or luxury vinyl, while being durable and easy to maintain.

The click system used to install laminate planks make it quick to install and installation costs are less.

Like many floor coverings, there are various grades of laminate flooring. The better grades will cost more but are stronger and should last longer.


The pattern of the laminate flooring is printed. Advances in high definition printing technology have meant that wood pattern laminate floors look like natural wood floors but at considerably less cost than real wood. Laminate is available in a number of colours, patterns and textures.

Environmental concerns

Many people and businesses are concerned about the effect that their consumer choices have on the environment. Laminate is made from wood, so is recyclable.

Laminate manufacturers have made progress in making laminate flooring more environmentally friendly. Some include recycled wood in their laminates. Wood can be sourced from sustainable forests.

Cleaning and maintenance

Laminate flooring is easy to keep clean. Regular vacuuming and sweeping will easily remove dirt and debris, while a damp mop with a mild cleaning liquid gets rid of stains and bacteria.

Laminate flooring has a protective top layer which can prevent the floor from getting chipped or scratched. If areas of the floor are damaged, they can be repaired using replacement planks. When buying laminate flooring, it is a good idea to purchase a few extra planks in case of damage.

Water resistance

In rooms that have doors to the outside, floors will be subject to water drips and muddy shoes from people coming in from a wet Cheshire day. This is not a problem for laminate floors provided that the water is mopped up soon. Moisture-absorbing mats can be placed by doors.

Laminate flooring can be damaged if submerged in water for more than about two hours, so it is not recommended for bathrooms. If your Cheshire home becomes flooded, this can cause irreversible floor damage.


Laminate flooring generally lasts between 15 and 25 years. If used in busy commercial areas with high footfalls, its lifespan may be slightly shorter. In the unlikely situation of having wild parties every night, expect the laminate flooring in your Cheshire home to last less than 15 years.

Not surprisingly, better quality laminates will tend to last longer.

A good choice

People in Cheshire love wood, which is why Delamere forest and other wooded areas are so popular. This love is reflected in many homes that have natural wood flooring, bringing the natural beauty of the county indoors. For people and organisations whose budget does not stretch to hardwood flooring, a good alternative is laminator flooring.

Cheshire flooring companies have a wide range of laminate flooring and stock many samples. You can ask to borrow laminate planks to see how they look in your room.

Laminate flooring is suitable for both domestic and commercial property where a good looking, hardwearing, easy-to-maintain floor covering is required.

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