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The benefits of floor sanding in Wirral rooms

Solid wood flooring is a good choice for Wirral homes. It looks good and is durable, but after a few years, it can look shabby with scratches and marks. Floor sanding renovates your floors so that they look good again, and has many benefits.

Floor sanding makes your floors look like new

Wood floors in homes show their age after a few years. In particular, wooden floors in commercial buildings that have high footfalls can soon look worn. Floor sanding removes the surface layer of the wood, leaving the floor smooth and refreshed.

It rains a lot in Wirral. If an outside entrance leads to a wooden floor, mud will be trodden in and water from wet shoes and clothes gets dripped onto the floor. You could find that the area immediately next to the entrance will look more worn than the rest of the floor. Floor sanding will restore the floor, but it is advisable to have a moisture and dirt absorbing mat on any area that leads to the outside.

You can change the colour of the floor

After sanding, the floor needs treating with a varnish or other sealer to protect it. If you want to change the colour of the floor, you can stain it with a coloured varnish.

It’s easier to keep clean

As wooden floors become worn, they develop a lot more grooves that capture dirt. After sanding, the floor will be smoother and much easier to brush, so less time needs to be spent cleaning the floor.

Sanded floors are less likely to attract pests and insects too, making them more hygienic.

Homes are easier to sell

If the floor is sanded, it enhances the visual appeal of the room. If a home is for sale, buyers will be impressed by the look of the floors and this will make your home easier to sell.

Restored floors can also increase a home’s value.

Engineered floors can be sanded

Engineered floors have a thin wood veneer that is between 0.5 mm to 6mm thick. Sanding removes 0.75 to 1 mm of veneer, which means that good quality engineered floors with at least 2mm-thick veneer can be sanded. Sanding is unsuitable for cheap engineered floors with veneers of 1mm or less.

Solid wood floors can be sanded a number of times during the floor’s lifetime.

Use a professional sander

Though you can sand floors yourself, it is recommended that you use a professional company. It is difficult to make sure that the floor is treated evenly, but floor sanding in Wirral is done by expert workpeople with professional equipment.

Solid wood flooring in Wirral rooms looks attractive and will last a long time, whether in the affluent areas of Caldy and Gayton, or elsewhere on the peninsula. It is suitable for most rooms except bathrooms and other areas that have high moisture. It is more expensive than some other floor coverings but can last a long time before it needs replacing, as long as it is maintained well and occasionally sanded when it becomes worn.

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