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The benefits of floor sanding in Cheshire rooms

Wood floors are attractive looking and will last for decades. Being easy to clean and maintain, they will look good for many years. However, over time, they can become scratched and worn, which is when they need to be sanded – a process that makes wood floors look like new again.

Restoring wood floors to look like new

Sanding worn floors restores them to a like new condition. A wood floor that has an outside door is particularly subject to wear. On the frequent rainy Cheshire days, people come inside with muddy shoes. People who love walking in the beautiful Cheshire countryside some in with small stones and other debris in their walking shoe treads, and this can scratch the floor.

Taking shoes off in the porch and can help prevent damage to the wood floor, but no matter what precautions are taken, a wood floor will show signs of wear at some point. Other floor coverings when worn need replacing, but wood floors can be sanded, leaving them smooth, sleek, and attractive looking.

Improving the light

A smooth newly sanded floor will reflect light off it and make the room brighter. You may find that you can replace light bulbs with lower wattage ones and the room still looks bright. This can save you money on energy bills.

Staining and varnishing

After a wood floor has been sanded, if you want to retain the look of natural wood, it can be stained with a clear varnish that protects the surface. Alternatively, if you want to change the look of a room, the floor can be stained a different colour. For example, if you want a contemporary style room, use a light grey stained wood floor with modern furniture and fittings.

Easier to clean

Worn wood floors trap dust and dirt in the wood grains. They collect more dust and need sweeping regularly. A newly sanded floor is smoother and is easier to clean and needs sweeping less frequently. This is an important consideration for commercial floors where the cost of maintenance is part of the total cost of the floor.

Adds value

A floor that has been recently sanded adds value to the house when selling it. Prospective buyers are attracted to homes that have pristine wood floors and are more likely to make an offer for the home.


Smooth sanded floors that are regularly swept do not collect dust and debris that can contain harmful bacteria, which may be a health hazard, especially to allergy suffers. Termites and insects can burrow into cracks of worn floors and breed, but floor sanding eliminates this danger. Considerate as well that worn wood floors can splinter and be harmful to pets and children playing on them.

Bring in the professionals

Although it is possible to sand floors yourself, it is better to use a professional sanding service in Cheshire, as it can be a time consuming job best carried out by experts with specialist equipment. Professionals floor sanding extends the life of wood floors by many years.

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