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The benefits of engineered flooring for Liverpool rooms

Engineered flooring has many benefits because it is the ideal combination of practicality and good looks.

People love living in Liverpool. They love to laugh at life. They like being near the sea and having access to the beautiful countryside. Liverpool people are creative and enjoy the various cultural events held in the city. What they don’t love is the weather. It rains a lot in Liverpool and you often hear people complain about the weather as they come inside with their wet shoes. When choosing flooring options to install in a Liverpool home or business, a major consideration is a floor that can cope with wet shoes walking over it.

Liverpool people are generous, but they like to see value for money. Engineered flooring is a hard-wearing waterproof flooring that is not expensive.

What is engineered flooring?

Engineered flooring has the stylish looks of solid wood but costs less. A real hardwood top layer provides a genuine natural look. The top layer is fixed to softwood, plywood or HDF which is sandwiched between a wood bottom layer.

Because engineered wood is constructed in layers, it is strong and stable and unlikely to shrink or warp. It is easy and quick to fit so installation costs are not high.

Engineered flooring comes in various grades. The top layer can vary in thickness. Flooring can be multi-play or three-ply. Multi-ply flooring has several layers of plywood beneath the top layer and is stronger than three-ply flooring. The better quality grades cost more, but they are stronger and last longer.

The look of engineered flooring

Liverpool people appreciate good design. The look of engineered flooring is dependent on the type of wood, the grain, the surface finish and the plank size. It is possible to stain the flooring with a colour, but most people prefer the natural wood look.

Engineered flooring can have different finishes that change the look. A satin lacquer gives a shiny finish and a mat lacquer creates a less glossy one. Natural oil gives a classic look.

Wire brushes can be used to give a textured effect. A distressed look creates an aged appearance.

Looking after an engineered floor

If the floor has a heavy footfall, it needs protecting. Several coats of satin or matt lacquer form a protective and waterproof barrier and are suitable finishes for busy areas. After coating, the floor it can be easily cleaned with a mop or floor cleaning machine.

If the floor becomes worn, it can be restored by sanding and re-coated with lacquer.

Where to install engineered flooring

Engineered flooring can be installed in most areas of the home but is not suitable for the bathroom or anywhere where there is high moisture. It is a good choice for offices and reception areas. It is ideal for installing over underfloor heating to make your Liverpool rooms warm and cosy in the cold Liverpool winters.

Engineered flooring is a good choice for a practical and good looking Liverpool floor.

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