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The beauty of wood flooring in the Wirral

Wood flooring is very popular in Wirral homes and workplaces. Not only does it look beautiful, it is hardwearing to and, with a little maintenance, will last for decades.

The trend for natural

There is a rising trend in the Wirral for natural, environmentally friendly products. Sales of organic wholefoods are increasing, consumers love beauty products made with natural ingredients, and there are more electric cars on Wirral roads.

Wood is a natural product that has been enjoyed for centuries. Wirral residents love to visit places like Eastham Country Park, Royden Park and the Wirral Way to enjoy looking at the trees, wild flowers, birds and meadows. They like to bring nature into their homes with houseplants, wood furniture and wood floors.

Different appearances

Wood flooring comes in many different looks. Oak is the number one choice for wood flooring, since it comes in many shades from light natural oak, to medium smoked, to the darker shades. Grey oak goes with more contemporary rooms.

Wood floors can be left in their natural colour or can be stained a darker shade. No matter what style of room, traditional or modern, there is a wood floor style that fits in with your decor choice.

Wood doesn’t like excessive water. It is fine for use in halls, but on wet WIrral days, any water should be promptly mopped up. Wood floors are not recommended for bathrooms and other high-moisture areas, If you want the natural wood look in bathrooms, you could use water resistant engineered wood which as a thin upper layer of real wood.

If you want to add a splash of colour to a wood floor, rugs can be used to provide contrast. A rug in front of a fireplace adds a traditional touch to a room.

Wood planks can be laid parallel or in a herringbone type pattern. As well as large wood planks, you can find smaller wood blocks for a parquet floor.


There is no getting around the fact that solid wood flooring is not the cheapest outlay. However, you need to consider the lifetime cost of wood floors. Wood will last for decades, unlike cheaper flooring options that are always likely to need replacing sooner. If wood becomes worn, it can be restored with floor sanding.

Wood flooring is suitable for installation in homes and commercial buildings. Many Wirral businesses like to have wood flooring in their reception area to create a good impression of their business.

Wood adds value to a home so that when it is sold, all or the majority of the installation costs can be recuperated.

Luxury flooring

Wood flooring is a luxury product that is well worth the cost of buying and installing. It is there for the long term to be enjoyed by you and others when you have left the home.

A sustainable material harvested from ecologically managed forests, the wood can be recycled and has a low carbon footprint.

If you want to add the luxurious beauty of natural wood to your home, why not visit us to see the wide range of options?

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