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The advantages of using non slip flooring

Non slip flooring is a great choice for Merseyside home and business owners alike, although it will be particularly advantageous for companies. This is because the covering is much safer than a lot of other flooring types.

To help you to understand why this is such a fantastic addition to any workspace, here are just some of the advantages of using non slip flooring in Liverpool:

Safety compliance

Companies must adhere to strict healthy and safety rules, if they are to stay on the right side of the law and avoid litigation. One of the most common reasons that enterprises are sued is because a member of staff or the public has tripped and fell on their property. By using non slip flooring, companies can significantly decrease the likelihood of this happening, thus saving themselves from expensive compensation claims and legal fees.

Can be used everywhere

One of the biggest advantages of non slip flooring is that it can be used pretty much anywhere. So whether you are looking for the perfect flooring solution for hospital wards, factories or your own bathroom, you can use affordable non slip flooring in Liverpool to meet your needs.

More productive

It is well known that a safe working environment is also a happy one. This tends to result in a more productive workforce that experiences fewer sick days, so by installing high-quality non slip flooring, Merseyside companies can increase productivity and save money.


Non slip flooring is also extremely affordable and can be bought for very little per square metre, depending on specific requirements.


One of the great things about non slip flooring in Liverpool is that it comes in so many different colours and styles, meaning that it is easy to find flooring that perfectly matches your own personal tastes. So, whether you’re looking for a classic kitchen look, a quirky bathroom design or something more professional, non slip flooring will always deliver.

Easy to fit

Another advantage of non slip flooring is that it is extremely easy to lay. Whether you opt to do it yourself or bring in experts who know how to fit non slip flooring in Liverpool, you will experience minimum disruption to your life. This is because all you need to do to fit it is prime your existing floor, add a coat of damp proof membrane, cut the flooring to size, and then coat it with adhesive before laying it on the floor.

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