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Ten reasons to install wood flooring in Wirral homes and businesses

Wirral people love wood, which is why wooded areas like The Lowfields and Arrowe Park are so popular. Solid wood also looks good in Wirral homes, whether that’s in the furniture, the doors or the floor.

Here are 10 reasons why wood flooring is great for Wirral homes and workplaces:

1. Easy installation

Hardwood floor planks are made to a uniform size and are easy to fit. It is recommended that you use a professional installer to make sure the installation is done perfectly.

2. Looks

People love the natural look of wood. Oak, pine, maple and other woods never go out of fashion.

3. Long lasting

A quality solid wood floor should last for generations. Wood will stand up to a lot of feet walking over it, so is suitable for business premises visited by lots of people. Although wood floors are not waterproof, when properly coated, they resist water. They can withstand the muddy feet and dripping clothes of people coming in from a wet Wirral day.

4. A great investment

Wirral is home to some of the most valuable properties in the North West. Installing a wood floor adds value to a property and make it easier to sell, because wood floors are in high demand. Wood floors are expensive to purchase and install, but because they last a long time, the long-term cost is not that high compared to cheaper floor coverings that have to be replaced more frequently.

5. Variety

Wood floors come in a variety of styles and wood types. They can be colour stained if you want the floor to look a little different to the natural wood colour. Wood floors create a traditional look to a room, but grey stained wood floors with white furniture make for a modern-style room.

Engineered wood is a cheaper alternative than solid wood. It has a real wood top layer so that it looks identical to a solid wood floor covering.

6. Better acoustics

A hardwood floor is good acoustically. Sounds in a wood floor room are not hollow and come with no unpleasant vibrations.

7. Healthy

A wood floor has no grout lines, fibres or embossing to trap dust, dirt and pollen that can affect allergy sufferers. As long as the floor is cleaned regularly, it will contribute to good indoor air quality.

8. Easy to clean

Wood floors are easy to keep clean – simply mop using a mild cleaning solution. Wood floors can also be vacuumed.

9. Can be restored

If a wood floor shows signs of wear, it can be sanded and refinished to make it look like new again. Other floors may need replacing when worn, but wood can be renovated to make it look like new.

10. Environmentally friendly

Wood from sustainable forests is environmentally friendly. Wood lasts a long time, unlike cheap flooring that is thrown away after a few years, and can be recycled easily.

To discover more benefits of wood flooring, talk to a Wirral flooring contractor and ask to see samples.

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