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Technology creates new looks for wood floors

New technologies are creating innovative new looks for hardwood floors.

Hardwood floors have been around for hundreds of years and little has changed in their construction. Natural wood planks are installed on the subfloor then a layer of varnish or other coating is applied to protect them. New technologies are changing how wood floors look.

Cerusing is a newer technique and sees the new floor sanded a new floor, applies a coat of white paint, then re-sands the surface. This creates more contrast between the wood grains to make a “smoky” effect.

Another technique is based on one used by the arts and crafts movement in the late 19th and early 20th century. Ammonia is added to the air when the wood is processed and this adds a range of colours to the wood flooring.

Most people prefer the natural browns of real wood, but wood can be stained in various colours. There is a trend for grey stained wood floors that gives a contemporary look.

For those who cannot afford the high cost of wood floors, American designer Laura Rotten has suggested having a carpet in the middle of the room with a wood border to make it look as if there is a rug laid on a solid wood floor. The carpet can be in a bold colour to contrast with the wood.

Hardwood floors in Cheshire homes look great and can add value to a home. Some people don’t want the traditional style of wood flooring and are attracted to processes that make wood flooring more colourful and dramatic.

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