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Tallest hybrid timber residential building showcases solid wood flooring

Japanese architect, Shigeru Ban, has unveiled designs for Terrace House, a 71-metre residential building which is claimed will be the world’s highest hybrid timber residential structure. Based in Vancouver, it is expected to be completed in 2020.

There is a global trend for more natural materials. Solid wood floors and stone tiles are particularly popular. Most residential buildings are constructed of brick or concrete, but Terrace House will have an outer timber frame with a steel and concrete core. The structure will contain 20 luxury apartments. Shigeru Ban says that each residential space is designed as a work of art.

The residential spaces feature modern chrome and stainless steel fittings, which contrast with the traditional solid wood flooring. Much of the timber used in the building will be Douglas Fir from British Columbia. Many apartments will have timber lined ceilings as well as wooden floors that provide both heat and sound insulation.

Many homeowners choose solid wood flooring to add both luxury and a natural feel to rooms. Many architects like Shigeru Ban are experimenting with timber structures. The wood used for buildings and floors is a sustainable and quality material.

The cost of enjoying the natural qualities of wood at Terrace House apartments is expensive with apartments anticipated to cost from around £2.2 million each. By installing solid wood flooring in your Wirral home, you can add a touch of natural luxury on a more modest budget.

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