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Sustainable timber used for heating system in Yorkshire

Timber from eco-friendly sources is being employed to heat Harewood House in Yorkshire, in a scheme with an initial cost of £1 million.

The project has taken two years to complete, and involved switching from the use of oil to the exploitation of biomass. The initiative was complicated by the size of Harewood House.

Before a drop in the cost of oil, the estate in question was compelled to pay £150,000 per year when it came to heating bills. If other people emulate the move to timber made by Lord Harewood, there could be a lot of pressure for more timber to be grown on a sustainable basis. This may, eventually, have implications on the demand for floor sanding in Cheshire.

Christopher Ussher, the resident agent of the estate, has told The Yorkshire Post:

“The pipes are up to Harewood House and we are looking to take it to more remote properties and to some of the properties we own in the village. It is all part of becoming more sustainable and self-sufficient.”

The new system has already achieved cost savings of almost one fifth. Lord Harewood has suggested that the use of wood for heating is an ethical step. He explained that the timber upon which he depends is being sourced from his own estate.

The project was funded by the disposal of 30 cottages from the estate. This took place over two years. However, it has been predicted that over the next decade, the policy of using timber will pay for the initial investment.

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