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Sustainable Development Goals could boost action

David Nussbaum, the chief executive for the international conservation organisation WWF-UK, has welcomed recent progress on the text of the ‘Sustainable Development Goals’.

The UN document in question was completed in New York, but it could have implications for the future development of the international economy as a whole. There are commentators who are sceptical about the agenda being realised, but the WWF has the aspiration to make the most of the opportunity to drive home its sustainability mission.

One of the 17 goals has timber at its heart. Sustainable Development Goal 15 has articulated the need to protect threatened forests. WWF-UK has already started to work with the private sector to defend valuable forests against unsustainable use. In particular, efforts have made to get Argos, Kingfisher, Sainsbury’s and Pearson to be part of the solution to the problem.

The idea has been to get people working in partnership to secure the future of forests. It has been reported that the responsible management of forests has been promoted by a variety of actors in over 30 countries.

Entrepreneurs and NGOs have been working with in excess of 250 companies to boost demand for ethical timber products. This Global Forest & Trade Network has also played a role in providing certificates for many acres of forest. The independent certification scheme seemingly has developed value because it gives transparency to the industry. Consumers, especially those looking for wood flooring in Cheshire , can rest assured that products come from legal sources.

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