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Survey suggests wood flooring can significantly increase property value

A new survey has suggested that installing wood flooring adds value to property.

The survey was conducted by a floor covering retailer and compared prices for properties in 16 major UK cities with and without wood flooring. In every area analysed, wood floor homes sold for considerably more.

The largest increase was in Glasgow, where wood flooring added an average 60.5% to the value compared to homes with other flooring types. In Birmingham, the increase was 38.6%, Kingston upon Hull 34.3%, Manchester 29.7%, Cardiff 28.8%, Preston 28%, Liverpool 12% and Coventry 8%. The percentage difference between wood and non-wood properties in London was a modest 6%.

Most people install wood flooring in their Cheshire homes because it looks great and lasts a long time. Wood flooring can be expensive, but the survey shows that wood floors are an investment in the value of the home. If the property is sold, the cost of installing wood floors can be recouped.

Another thing to consider is how long this type of flooring lasts. A wood floor in a domestic home can last 75 years or more. If the floor becomes worn, floor sanding restores it to a like-new condition. The total lifetime cost of wood floors could work out cheaper compared to inexpensive flooring that needs replacing more often.

Wood flooring is easy to clean and does not pollute the air. It can be coated with varnishes that protects the floor from marks and scratches.

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