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Survey shows the popularity of engineered flooring for kitchens

A survey conducted by Houzz Kitchens Trends has found that engineered flooring is twice as popular as hardwood flooring for a luxury floor covering for kitchens.

Engineered flooring includes vinyl, laminates and engineered wood flooring. There are a number of reasons why people are not choosing solid wood floors for their kitchens. Although wood is hard wearing, it is more expensive than engineered flooring. Premium quality engineered floor coverings are made to be durable, so that they last a long time in busy kitchens. Solid wood or stone floors are good choices for kitchen floors, but they are out of the price range of many homeowners.

Wood is subject to warping if it becomes wet. Solid wood with a top layer of varnish that is water resistant is fine for kitchens, but some consumers are still concerned about moisture damage. Many engineered flooring brands guarantee that their floor coverings are 100% waterproof. This also makes them suitable for installing in washrooms, where there is a high chance of the floor becoming wet.

Engineered flooring in Wirral homes and commercial properties is a good choice if you want a hard wearing floor that is not too expensive to buy and install and is also easy to clean and maintain. Modern engineered flooring is a lot more durable than it used to be. Printing technology developments mean that a realistic looking wood grain pattern can be printed on the flooring which is extremely lifelike.

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