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Survey shows that DIY makes first homes more affordable

Research has discovered that first time buyers are struggling to get onto the property ladder and are considering DIY as an option.

Aviva performed the research in question and it has indicated that prospective homeowners buyers have been saving over £10,000 to help get a house. However, it has shown that there is often a shortfall of more than £5,000 due to a combination of costs. It has been unsurprising that some individuals have bought property that has needed a lot of work doing to it.

First time buyers should bear in mind the range of costs associated with house purchase. Carpet cleaning in North Wales can help make an older property look like a really attractive home. Heather Smith, a marketing director for Aviva, said:

“Anyone looking to buy a home should investigate every nook and cranny of the property before putting in an offer and must not be afraid of asking for several viewings.”

Ms. Smith has indicated that prospective house buyers should be on their guard when looking at property. While a house that needs some DIY might not necessarily be a problem, she has stressed that it is vital to avoid buying a big resource drain.

The study has shown that it is easy for inexperienced home buyers to neglect to take into account all the costs like stamp duty, legal fees and contents insurance. Nearly half of those surveyed admitted that they failed to consider stamp duty. Expenditure on necessary furniture was also sometimes not planned properly.

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