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Study shows effects of colour on sense of smell

A study in Japan has suggested that painting walls affects the sense of smell.

The study was carried out in Japanese schools by Machiko Yamashita from Otemae University. She and her team repainted 200 toilet walls bright colours. She then asked pupils what they felt about the odour in the bathroom. Around a quarter of pupils said that there was less smell after the toilet walls had been painted, even though the odour had not changed.

Machiko Yamashita said:

“It was interesting that the response was not zero per cent even though the odour obviously hadn’t lessened. That confirmed that there is a relationship between colour and smell in human perception.”

Following her research, other schools have repainted their toilets and bathrooms, but perhaps they should have employed someone to clean them each day. Alternately they could back the Kickstarter campaign for SPINX which is claimed to be the world’s first toilet cleaning robot.

If floors and carpets are not cleaned regularly, bacteria and mould can occur, and this can result in unpleasant smells. To lessen the smell, you could learn from the Japanese study and repaint your walls a bright colour. An easier and less time-consuming solution is to have your floors professionally cleaned.

Carpet cleaning services in North Wales will deep clean your carpets, removing dirt engrained in the pile that standard vacuum cleaners cannot remove. Solid flooring needs cleaning with a mop and a cleaning solution formulated for the floor covering material.

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