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Study finds dangers of third hand smoke in uncleaned carpets

Research has revealed that third hand smoke is dangerous, which is one reason why smokers should have their carpets regularly cleaned by a professional cleaner.

A new study by researchers at the San Diego University of California looked at the dangers of cigarette smoke lingering on carpets, walls, and furnishing. Residue from cigarette smoke can linger months after smoking. This third hand smoke, according to the scientists, can harm people’s health.

Chemical residues from tobacco smoke include nicotine, cotinine and carcinogenic NNK. These substances are known to harm people’s health even if they are non-smokers. In the study, mice were housed with fabric that had been exposed to third hand smoke. After periods of between four to seven weeks, the mice developed tumours that were linked to the harmful substances they had been exposed to.

Smoking has been prohibited in workplaces for many years, but if carpets are not regularly cleaned it is possible that harmful substances from cigarette smoke are still present in carpets from past smoking.

Studies have found that many cleaning products and vacuum cleaners do not remove all dangerous substances. The answer is to hire professional carpet cleaners who will deep clean the carpet to remove all traces of third hand smoke.

Even if you have never smoked in your home or the office carpet was fitted after the smoking ban, professional carpet cleaning in your Liverpool home or offices can remove all substances that could be a health hazard.

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