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Study backs push for homegrown timber

Research has suggested that the British construction industry could make a bigger effort to source timber from UK producers.

The statistics collected by Grown in Britain have indicated that about nine out of ten large contractors are willing to support an industry initiative in this area.

In addition, the facts showed that nearly two-thirds of these companies would be willing to put the commitment into their contracts. Seven out of ten contractors have suggested that their clients may prefer materials from British sources.

Dougal Driver, the chief executive for Grown in Britain, has claimed that these research findings are of importance. Furthermore, he has connected them with an innovative licensing scheme that would assist firms in obtaining British timber. It could even lead to more wood flooring in Cheshire , and other parts of the country, being constructed from trees grown in Great Britain.

The group that Driver heads got off the ground back in 2013. Since then, it has reportedly managed to attract considerable business backing. Steve Cook, who works in the industry for Wilmott Dixon, has underlined how local procurement is becoming a vital indicator of importance.

Cook has asserted that pursuing the local approach will be of environmental and economic benefit. He has suggested that a large amount of UK timber could be grown as a consequence.

Driver has said:

“While our research suggested almost 60 per cent of the timber used in the construction industry comes from the EU, the message from the sector is clear; we want to use home-grown timber where we can.”

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