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Straw houses on sale in Bristol

A project involving the University of Bath has led to seven straw houses being built and, if expectations are met, such buildings could be emulated all over the UK.

The architectural enterprise ModCell was involved in the initiative. Timber frames and straw bales are central to the design of the houses in Bristol. If similar buildings are to be constructed in cities like Chester, experts in the provision of solid flooring in Cheshire may be required.

Pete Walker, a professor involved in the scheme, has said:

“As a construction material, straw is a low-cost and widely available food co-product that offers real potential for ultra-low carbon housing throughout the UK. Building with straw could be a critical point in our trajectory towards a low-carbon future.”

Professor Walker has made it clear that the construction industry will have to reduce its carbon emissions by more than 75 per cent by 2050. He has added that the consumption of energy in the sector will need to be halved in the same time interval.

It has been reported that people who live in straw houses can face low building costs. In addition, it has been revealed that bills in straw homes can be lower than average.

Researchers have highlighted that British wheat production probably leaves over six million tonnes of material behind. Some of this straw can be utilised for looking after animals, but using a lot of it for home construction appears to be a possibility.

Craig White from ModCell has declared that he believes straw could play a big part in addressing housing shortages.

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