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Straw bale houses for sale in Bristol

Homes constructed partly out of straw have recently been put on the market in Bristol, and interest was soon apparent.

If the pioneering sustainable design pleases customers, architects elsewhere may be inspired to act.

One eventual consequence of this could be that more builders use wood flooring in the Wirral from ethical sources.

Seven buildings in Shirehampton were the first properties using straw bales to be put up for purchase in the Bristol initiative. Prices began at about £220,000 for a house with two bedrooms. However, homes with double that number of bedrooms were also made available to the public.

Martin Connolly, a developer, has commented:

“We have shown there is a hunger for affordable, fuel-efficient homes using straw, a natural home-grown sustainable building material. The public can have values-led housing – and value for money.”

Connolly went on to reveal that a minimum of 300 enquiries had so far been received in connection with the new houses. This level of demand has perhaps contributed to sealed bids being accepted by those in charge of the scheme.

Due to a fast, unique construction method, the buildings were erected within a slot of just nine days. Modcell, an organisation located in Bristol, has used timber frames to support the bales of straw. One family made an offer for a property almost as soon as it was possible to do so, according to reports.

About 50 additional straw properties could soon be built close to the new homes.

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