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This spring and summer’s flooring trends announced

The American National Wood Flooring Association has identified the wood flooring trends that will be popular in the spring and summer of 2017.

The main trend, it says, is to use grey coloured wood with a distressed or weathered look.

Brett Millar of the National Wood Flooring Association said:

“People are opting for layered colour systems to achieve a weathered look. The grey tones give floors rustic character.”

If you have wood flooring in your Chester home or business, and want to copy this trend, you do not need to replace your wooden flooring. Floors can be refinished with a grey stain. A weathered look can be achieved with a wire brush. As Millar says:

“A wood floor can last the lifetime of a home and one of the beauties of wood is that it can change with the trend.”

There is also a shift to darker colours, says the Association. As well as darker greys, dark brown espresso colour stains are popular.

When installing a new wood floor, there are now more choices of materials, patterns and plank sizes. There is a move towards installing planks with wider widths and longer lengths. Planks can be as wide as 24 inches.

Environmentally friendly materials are favoured by many, with reclaimed or recycled wood being a popular choice.

Traditionally, planks are laid in a linear pattern, but increasingly designers are placing planks diagonally. The Association has explained that even where planks are laid linear, diagonal pattern inlays can be incorporated into the wood.

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