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Sportflex flooring ready for Glasgow European Indoor Athletics Championships

In March 2019, the European Indoor Athletics Championships will be held at Emirates Arena in Glasgow. In preparation, the arena has installed a track covered with Mondo Sportflex X performance rubberised flooring.

Sportflex is installed on the arena’s

Mondotrack system that uses hydraulics to raises or lower the curved section of the track to make it either a banked track or a flat one. Made by Mondo, the system is the world’s only track that can alter its height.

Sportflex Super X performance coverings help athletes achieve faster times by increasing traction and contact area. The Sportflex rubber-based flooring has been chosen for world athletic championships and other world class sporting events. Its surface optimises energy return with shock absorption qualities that reduce trauma injuries to the athlete’s feet. It has excellent slip resistance and spike-resistant properties.

Superflex floors are also installed in training facilities so that athletes can duplicate the surface of competitions.

The European Indoor Athletics Championships are expected to be one of the largest sporting events in Glasgow, with more than 600 athletes from 50 European Countries expected to attend. All that activity requires the Sportflex floors to be hard wearing.

When installing solid flooring in your North Wales home or business premises, you may not need floor coverings to meet the exacting standards expected by world class athletes, but rubber based flooring is a strong and resilient choice for floor covering and it is also easy to clean.

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