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Solid wood or engineered flooring in Cheshire rooms?

Solid wood and engineered wood both provide the look of natural wood for Cheshire homes and business premises. Which one is best for your room depends on a number of factors.


Cheshire people love the look of natural wood, whether in its natural state in Delamere Forest trees or cut into planks and polished to make floor coverings.

Engineered wood is a layered floor covering with a thin layer of hardwood on top of plywood. Engineered wood and solid wood floors both have the look and feel of natural wood.

Both floor types are available in a number of wood varieties from light to dark. Coloured varnishes can be added that allows the wood grain to be seen but change the colour of the wood.


Expect the cost of purchasing and installing engineered wood to be cheaper. Engineered wood is quicker and easier to install than solid wood, which makes installation costs are less expensive.

Both engineered wood and solid wood floors add to the value of a home and can make it easier to sell. If you intend to move home within a year or two, you may get the cost of installing the floor back when the home is sold.


Solid wood will generally last longer than engineered wood. Engineered wood comes in various wood layer thicknesses. A thin layer engineered wood will be more easily chipped and scratched.

Both solid wood and engineered wood can be sanded to restore them if worn. Solid wood can be sanded more times than engineered wood because engineered wood only has a thin layer of hardwood.

Water resistance

Cheshire is not a dry county – it rains frequently and many locations are subject to flooding. Both floor types will cope with dripping water from the clothes of people coming in from a rainy Cheshire day as long as spills are mopped up promptly. Both solid wood and engineered wood can have a transparent top coating that provides some water resistance

If there is a flood, solid wood will tend to warp if submerged. Engineered wood will cope better, but prolonged submergence may cause irreparable damage. Wood floors are not recommended for bathrooms and other wet areas.


Both floor types are easy to maintain using a vacuum cleaner suitable for solid surfaces or loose dirt can be swept up. Stains can be removed with a cloth and wood cleaning solution. A good varnish or other coatings on the wood protects it and makes it unnecessary to polish the wood.

Which one should you buy?

If you cannot afford real wood then engineered wood is a good alternative. Solid wood lasts longer, so after many years could work out less expensive than engineered wood. If water resistance is an issue go for engineered wood.

If you are unsure which floor covering to install, talk to a local floor covering supplier and installer. They will show you samples of engineered wood and solid wood floor coverings and help you decide which one is best for your rooms and your budget.

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