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Solid wood floors add luxury in unusual places

Solid wood flooring is favoured by many interior designers for its luxury look and durable qualities, and several recent projects have created stunning floors in unusual places:

• Dean Crago converts old horseboxes, and recently transformed a 30-year-old Mercedes horsebox into a luxury mobile home. The floors and ceiling are lined with wooden panels and the floor is made from solid wood.

• Japan’s Shiki-shima train is perhaps the world’s most luxurious train. The 10-car sleeper train has an exterior painted in gold, while the interior is a mixture of artisan craftsmanship and Japanese design. The main restaurant area has Herringbone wood flooring. A journey on this luxury train is not cheap – a two-night trip costs from £2,242 to £5,658.

• The Glampotel at Dundas Castle in Scotland, has been described as the Rolls Royce of camping. Instead of ground sheets, the luxury tents at the Glampotel have solid wood floors. Lights and USB outlets are solar powered.

• An abandoned water tank in Rolvedon Kent has been converted into a modern luxury home. The water tank was a square concrete box on legs. The upper level of the house still contains sections of the original water tank with the kitchen dining room and sitting room below it. All rooms have solid oak flooring.

Solid wood is a versatile floor covering that adds a touch of luxury to any building project, small or large. Many individuals and businesses have installed solid wood flooring in their Wirral properties, keeping in touch with the modern yet rustic aura of the peninsula.

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